County Durham Building and Joinery to Enrol on Competent Person Scheme

Following on from a previous item regarding Insurance Backed Guarantees the company has also applied to CERTASS with a view to being accepted into the Competent Person Scheme. buy viagra online singapore

Many of you will have heard of FENSA, an organisation that administers a Government backed scheme to ensure that replacement doors and windows are of good standard and correctly installed.

CERTASS is an established company also approved by the Government to administer the same scheme as FENSA and it is because of their connection with Trust Mark that County Durham Joinery Ltd feels they are a more appropriate organisation for us to be aligned with.

From the CERTASS website: tadalafil 4mg

Membership of the Certass certification scheme is not automatic. Member companies are assessed inline with the standards laid down in EN45011 and specific license requirements of DCLG and/or DECC. This means that Certass financially and technically assesses its members to ensure they meet required standards.

In addition to initially assessing every member each year, Certass will inspect a sample of work submitted by the member for scheme compliance. viagra price

Where appropriate, Certass notifies the local authority and issues a Building Regulation Compliance Certificate to the homeowner. cialis coupon 2017

Certass also manages a product certification scheme called Thermal Rating Register, which ensures the thermal compliance of replacement windows and doors.

Certass and the Thermal Rating Register pride themselves on delivering a fair, friendly and cost effective service to both the industry and homeowners.

Click here to access the CERTASS website for more information.

The Competent Person Scheme is described and can be viewed by clicking here.

We at County Durham Joinery think that by both providing Insurance Backed Guarantees and registering with CERTASS we are demonstrating to customers that we are a reputable company, intent on providing not only quality workmanship and customer service but that we are also happy to have our work independently checked and verified.

The Trust Mark website can be viewed by clicking here.

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