We can renovate your modernise your existing bathroom, or install a brand new traditional or contemporary style suite.

The original bathroom fitted by the builders.
New CDBJ bathroom with wall mounted basin & WC. Wall mounting helps floor cleaning and impression of space
Redundant airing cupboard will go to make space for shower.
Removing the airing cupboard allowed separate bath & shower to be fitted
Another 1970 builders' original bathroom, soon to go.
Steel bath would have probably been carried in by one man, sometimes known as a 'Turtleback'.
New bathroom fitted by CDBJ.
Fully tiled to assist cleaning and protect from water damage.
This ground floor bathroom was damaged by leaking buried pipes.
Damaged bathroom fully refitted and tiled.
This bathroom was formed from an unused bedroom, wall mounted sanitaryware and basin with vanity cabinet.
Large low level shower tray fitted as part of this refit.
This small, unusual shape bathroom needed some thought.
A double head shower was fitted, one moveable, one fixed.
High level cabinet to suit customers' requirements and a dual fuel towel rail does not require central heating to be on.


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