Stone Terrace Renovation

This County Durham 3 bedroom stone built terrace house had been left in a poor state by numerous previous occupants.

Work that had been carried out was at best incompetent and, in some instances, dangerous.

What had been intended as an 8 week job eventually became 13 weeks as increasing amounts of cover ups were exposed.

Unconnected radiators and bare copper pipes in concrete were some of the more minor problems. Ceilings had been lowered to cover up damage to the originals and additional stud walls built in front of previous walls to hide various issues.

The main concern was that at some point an occupant had decided to remove a ground floor supporting wall to open up the reception rooms. They must have realised their mistake when the bedroom floors began to sag so they had, to an extent, reinstated the wall. For reasons best known to themselves they decided that two pieces of 100 x 50mm wood about 2.4metres long within dodgy blockwork over a 5.5 metre span would be sufficient support for the upper floors.

We fitted two 5 metre long quarter of a ton steel beams side by side on brick and block pillars to replace the timbers mentioned above and then levelled and strengthened the bedroom floor joists.

New power and lighting circuits were installed as was a new combi boiler, pipework and radiators.

Cracked and failing external sand and cement render at the back of the house was hacked away and the exposed blockwork dismantled to be replaced by random stonework more in keeping with the house.

The back yard had been built up over the DPC level and so was dug out to a lower plane, raked, weeded and covered with membrane and gravel with new drainage covers.

The house has a brick built extension; the roof was removed, insulated and rebuilt with an EPDM rubber covering which has a potential life of over 30 years.

All external walls were covered on the inside with insulation and plasterboards and new ‘A’ rated upvc windows fitted along with a composite front door.

A new cloakroom WC was formed under the stairs using a low noise compact macerator toilet.

Frames, doors and balustrades were replaced and a new kitchen and bathroom fitted.

The house is not perfect but it is a vast improvement on the sad state it was 3 months ago.

Before and after pictures can be found here.



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